A leader welcomes a new team member to a diverse group

Implementing inclusive recruitment

Australia is now more diverse than ever. But the reality is true Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is yet to be fully adopted by many organisations and institutions. What does it take to establish true inclusivity?

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Attracting and retaining a flexible workforce

The flexible workforce is not what it used to be. Contractors, freelancers and temp workers are growing in number across Australia. It can be the perfect solution for seasoned workers who want flexibility and it simply makes financial sense for organisations in today’s climate.

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Work From Home: Great for productivity. Not so good for developing leaders.

Just when you thought you’d heard about every side effect of COVID-19, there’s yet another that could affect us for years to come: The hindered development of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) among our next wave of  leaders – courtesy of Work From Home (WFH). Remote working certainly has its benefits – freedom, extra sleep, a chance to spend more time with

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