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For over 10 years, Occulus International has provided Executive Search services in Australia and globally across a vast selection of industries. This has allowed us to focus on delivering C-suite talent across every region in the world. Our vast network and resources continue to be a strength, driving strategic change for our customers. 

Due to this success, our clients have encouraged us to offer additional recruitment services. We now have established  practices specialising within Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain & Operations, Technology, delivering roles across all levels within these highly specialised functions.


We pride ourselves on being one of the best recruitment firms in Australia. We do this by having flexible options to suit your requirements and a meticulously planned process to get you results.


Executive Search

The leaders of tomorrow need to have high resilience, balance, and a humanistic approach to be able to weather change, disruption and market forces. With this in mind and combined with our ‘best in class’ process, we use a comprehensive campaign to attract the right people for your business. We develop a detailed project plan, case study & written assessment and create a targeted sourcing strategy to ensure we get the results you need.

We are flexible and nimble, with the capability to identify executives who will drive your business strategy to the next level. As a search provider, we have few limitations when targeting specific industries and competitors; our reach is global.


With a lack of qualified candidates in the market, attracting the right people has never been more difficult.

Occulus International helps build pipelines of prospective talent through a combination of efficient sourcing strategies including but not limited to; advertising across multiple platforms, building a social media presence, e-mail marketing, referrals and tapping into our existing database and network.

Consulting Services

With over 20 years’ technical experience, our team can offer real transparent advice to help boost innovation, mitigate risks and scale for growth.

Our Technology division also offers IT consulting services with the ability to review and make recommendations that will transform and improve your systems, digital security, communication platforms, and greatly impact your operational performance.

Contracting Services

For clients needing an immediate or short-term solution, we can offer a payrolling service or alternatively, the flexibility to hire for a fixed term.

We have partnered with a third-party software to optimise our contractor payrolling capability. This has enhanced and automated the way our clients manage compliance, leave, expenses, breaks and time sheet approvals. Our timesheets are highly configurable as well, allowing for multiple projects or shifts and complex authorisation paths to be created.

This allows our clients to hire help when they don’t have the head count, get additional support for large scale projects, or ‘test’ individuals before offering them permanent employment.

Company Start-Ups

We have specific and proven expertise in supporting organisational expansion strategies across the region.

Using a carefully controlled, transparent and effective process we are easily able to setup new country operations from scratch, at all levels.

Confidential Assignments

It is often difficult for companies to replace or recruit someone to deliver a confidential strategy or project without releasing their identity or brand. We have experience in successfully facilitating confidential searches, managing, and selling a job opportunity all the way to first interviews with our client, without releasing vital information to any third parties.

Our team is highly skilled at attracting and retaining quality candidates even when the information is limited, allowing you to go to market without incurring risks, negative publicity or jeopardising your brand. We also facilitate NDAs, or any agreement required by our clients to maintain confidentiality at later stages of the process.

Distressed Recruitment Projects

We often receive urgent and distressed requests to find talent after numerous unsuccessful advertisement campaigns. This becomes even more difficult following the engagement of several third parties who have failed to penetrate the candidate market. At this stage, people in the industry begin wondering what is wrong with the job, the brand or the company. It then creates a negative perception and in turn makes it even more difficult to fill the role.

Luckily enough, we have become renowned as the ‘fixers’ – with the ability to navigate through turmoil and repair brand perceptions. We will partner with your internal hiring team to carefully work through a ‘best in class’ approach to get the results you need.


Attracting and retaining the best talent, with high levels of emotional intelligence is key

In a world of uncertainty and disruption, attracting and retaining the best talent with high levels of emotional intelligence is key.

We seek to understand company culture to identify personality and values in the prospective candidate that will align with the company strategy, environment, leader, and team. We do this quickly, with no compromise on quality, ensuring transparency every step of the way.

Our network is comprised of authentic, skilled, and like-minded professionals who seek to connect with people with great hearts and minds. Occulus plays a vital role in enabling these connections.


Occulus International Directors can work remotely or travel to location to facilitate a process. Our candidate reach is global.

Our Directors have placed candidates globally by working in partnership with our regional team and combine this with on the ground country expertise.

We understand the necessity for transparency, effective communication, and market mapping to help place the right human beings in the right organisations.


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