About us

where we work

Occulus International is a global search firm specialising in Executive Search, Technology, Supply Chain, and Sales & Marketing

Our Directors have placed senior candidates in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Philippines. We work in partnership with our regional team and combine this with on the ground country expertise. 

We understand the necessity for transparency, effective communication and market mapping to help place the right human beings in the right organisations. 


We connect with great hearts and minds

we care about people and culture
we align people with high levels of emotional intelligence with an organisation
we adapt to trends and lead through transparent methodologies
we build networks and engage with people through valuable insights
we attract and retain the best talent through authenticity
… we listen!

the occulus mantra

Attracting and retaining the best talent, with high levels of emotional intelligence is key


Our desire is to understand our client’s strategy from an evolutionary perspective combined with truly understanding the personality and values. This enables us to identify the best talent that culturally aligns to the leader and organisation, producing ideal and long-term solutions for our clients. We do this quickly, with no compromise on quality, ensuring transparency every step of the way.

Our network is comprised of authentic, skilled and like-minded professionals who seek to connect with people with great hearts and minds. Occulus plays a vital role in enabling these connections. 


how we can help you

We invest in your business to optimise your business

Executive Search
The leaders of tomorrow need to have high resilience, balance and a humanistic approach to be able to weather change, disruption and market forces. With this in mind and combined with our ‘best in class’ process, we will develop a comprehensive campaign to support sourcing and attracting the right executives for you. We will develop a detailed project plan, written assessment, case study, targeted sourcing strategy and expert search team to ensure we get the results you need.

We are flexible and nimble, with the capability to source, identify and attract executives who will drive your business strategy. As a boutique search provider, we have few limitations when targeting specific industries and competitors; our reach is global.

Interim Management
Each of our practices can provide you with Interims to overcome urgent placement challenges by providing qualified, highly skilled and experienced talent when needed. Our interim resources bring a wealth of experience across many industry sectors. Working with agility and urgency to understand your complex issues, our interim candidates will help make change happen,
integrating quickly to deliver outcomes.

Consulting Services
Occulus is a search and recruitment company with a difference, we truly care about your business and in a world of increased focus on cost reduction, utilising expensive ‘Big 4’ management consulting companies may be a challenge.
Occulus has consultants providing services within leadership development, technology transformation and supply chain change

Company Start-Ups
We have specific and proven expertise in supporting organisational expansion strategies across the region. This is delivered through a carefully controlled, transparent and effective process to setup new country operations from scratch, at all levels.
We’re able to adapt to the current market needs and offer a vast network of professionals across all roles and functions.

Confidential Assignments
Whether you are replacing someone, have a confidential strategy or project, Occulus has the expertise and ability to attract the best talent without releasing brand, company and even industry to any third party, all the way to first interview with you. At this point we facilitate NDAs, or any agreement required by
our clients to maintain confidentiality.
Our team is highly skilled at attracting and retaining quality candidates even when the information is limited, allowing you to go to market without incurring risks, negative publicity or jeopardising your brand.

Distressed Recruitment Projects
Sometimes customers come to us after running a recruitment process with an internal division then go to an external PSA provider, so by the time it comes to us the customer is desperate. They expect us to pull a high-quality candidate out of our ass in a short time frame and we do this by utilising our ‘best in class’